How to correctly fold a Haori jacket?

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Follow our illustrated guide to learn step by step how to fold a Haori jacket according to the Japanese traditional technique.

1- First of all, lay the jacket on a clean floor and follow the main folds. Tip: It is easier to fold the jacket when you place the collar on your left hand side as presented on the picture.

2- Following its natural fold, fold down the collar on the right hand side of the jacket.

3- Lining up with the corners, join the two ends of the jacket.

4- Take care to fold the collar well by tucking the fabric inside while following the existing folds.

5- Smooth the existing folds well and make sure that the flaps of the jacket are correctly placed.

6- Holding just the first layer, the dotted fold on the picture should come on the opposite fold of the jacket

7- Flap the first sleeve over the body of the jacket. Respect the existing fold.

8- The other side will come on top, so be careful to respect the folds and not making any new ones.

9- At the end you can fold one small part lengthwise.

At the end you can fold one small part lengthwise

When purchasing from us, you will be able to leave the jacket inside the provided washi paper.

Another idea is to leave the jacket on a hanger.

We would like to remind you that these jackets are made of silk and that we are recommending to use professional dry cleaning services.

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