Multi-use pouch – Autumnal Kimono


Autumnal colors and maple leaves, find a little Japanese autumn at home with this handmade pouch from an antique traditional Japanese kimono.

Easy to carry everywhere, this multi-use pouch is an essential to put in all bags for the everyday life or for small outings. Enjoy the different patterns and choose yours!

  • Cotton inner lining
  • Dimensions : 19cm x 14cm
  • Antique Fabrics
  • Handmade in Japan
  • Reference : PO0008

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About this pouch :

The fabric used to make this pouch is the one of a silk kimono that we have transformed. A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment in which each piece is unique as it is all handmade. When purchased new, a kimono can cost several thousand of euros. Nowadays, people are unfortunately wearing less and less kimono for different reasons as the difficulty of putting it on by yourself and the lack of opportunity to wear it. Now, it is usually worn for weddings, for official ceremonies or to attend cultural and artistic performances (theatre, floral arrangement, tea ceremony, etc.).

At Monoya Tokyo, we want to give a second life to these kimonos and more generally to these traditional fabrics. They are now slightly neglected by Japanese people and that’s unfortunate as the refinement and quality of these fabrics are incredible.

Warnings :

We use quality fabrics to make our creations and we carefully select only textiles with very good general conditions. However, it can happen that marks of time are present on these fabrics which have several decades, witnesses of their past stories. Please keep this in mind before making an order. Depending on the cut of the kimono, the selected section may not be exactly the same as the product’s photo. In the event of a significant difference, you will be contacted by e-mail showing you a photo of the product and you can confirm or not the order.

Washing is not recommended.


We use the services of the Japanese Post to ship our packages outside of Japan. For every order, we automatically charge 3 euros for postage tracking, to which will be added an amount depending on the chosen product. In this case, 5 euros will be added per pouchs. It usually takes a week to ship to Europe or North America.

It is possible to wrap your gifts in traditional washi papers. You can ask us directly when you make your order.

For any order of more than two items, please contact us by sending a message here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or comments.

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