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This kimono jacket is in perfect condition. Its lining is once again remarkable and shows a mountain that strongly looks like the iconic Mount Fuji. There is also a Shinto shrine and calligraphic scriptures on this jacket. This haori jacket will be ideal for men measuring between 1m65 and 1m80.

  • Silk 100%
  • Dimensions : 80cm x 61cm x 46cm (see our guide for Haori sizes)
  • Antique Japanese fabrics
  • Single item
  • Reference : HA1002

On the last picture, the jacket is worn by a person measuring 1m82.

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About this Japanese jacket :

The Haori jacket is traditionally worn over a kimono, to go out in mid-season, in spring and autumn. The jacket can be worn open, with a collar folded or not, or closed with a small cord.

Like kimonos, the use of these jackets is slowly disappearing in Japan, mainly due to the lack of opportunity to wear them. This is very unfortunate as they are real treasures.

At Monoya Tokyo, we want to give a second life to these kimonos and more generally to these traditional fabrics. They are now slightly neglected by Japanese people and that’s unfortunate as the refinement and quality of these fabrics are incredible.


We use quality fabrics to make our creations and we carefully select only textiles with very good general conditions. However, it can happen that marks of time are present on these fabrics which have several decades, witnesses of their past stories. Please keep this in mind before making an order.

Care Instructions:

Professional dry wash recommended. Since the jackets are made of silk, it is important to fold them well to avoid wrinkling them. Here is our technical sheet to teach you the traditional way to fold a haori: Haori folding sheet.


We use the services of the Japanese Post to ship our packages outside of Japan. For every order, we automatically charge 3 euros for postage tracking, to which will be added an amount depending on the chosen product. In this case, 14 euros will be added per haori jackets. It usually takes a week to ship to Europe or North America.

The jacket will be shipped wrapped in a traditional washi packaging.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or comments.

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