Yuji-Monoya Tokyo


At Monoya Tokyo, everything is made by hand by Yuji who is taking care of the creation and production of each article with the greatest care for quality and details. You won’t be disappointed !



We use second hand ancient Japanese fabrics for our creations. Whether it’s kimono made of silk or cotton (yukata), obi belts or roles of ancient fabrics, those are all of flawless quality.


All creations that we are offering have been imagined and produced by us. We love above all to give a more modern and functional use to these beautiful ancestral Japanese fabrics.

Imagined in 2018, Monoya Tokyo is a French and Japanese company that specializes in selling crafts and unique creations made by hand using recycled traditional fabrics as kimono, yukata and obi.

Through its creators, Yuji and Caroline, Monoya Tokyo is also a beautiful love story between Japan and France. Supporters of consuming less but better, Yuji is in charge of giving a second life to these beautiful fabrics while Caroline is taking care of promoting them!

As you may already know, recycling fabrics allows us to avoid using virgin fibers and pollution caused by fiber production, to lower energy and water consumption and to lessen the demand for chemical dye.

In short, a great commitment for the future !


“Monoya” is a word that we have invented using two Japanese words: 物 (mono) means “objects” and 屋 (ya) means shop. Therefore, Monoya means the “shop of objects”.

As for the logo, it has been created with the addition of two Japanese characters that reminds the tangle of sewing threads and more symbolically the encounter of human beings and Japan.

Caroline et Yuji, Monoya Tokyo @Ville d'Albi